▶ About the association.

"Objectif Cameroun" is a Cameroonian association, declaration N°. 001116/RDA/J06/BAPP of December 17th 2004. It is an apolitical and non-profit organization.

"Our goal (Vision) is to contribute in better Cameroon in all respects. In this perspective, we are resolutely committed to work for an emerging Cameroon while having Man at the center of our concerns. "

The emergence of Cameroon to a close or distant horizon being a human action, he must be in good physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally healthy and in a safe environment to contribute or benefit from it.

We are convinced that the emergence of our country is more dependent on changing mentalities and hence specific and concrete action shall be done in that direction instead of just carrying out infrastructural projects. We may have good developmental projects with High Intensity of Hand Work but if the Cameroonian mentality is not transformed, we will achieve nothing.

Objectif Cameroon unfolds throughout the national territory and can if necessary have cooperation links in other countries of the sub region, in Africa and in the world.

▶ Our Missions.

We conduct activities in the following areas:

Cooperation (Help) to development;

Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights;

Citizenship education and patriotism;

Fight against poverty;

Environmental management and sustainable development;

Health promotion;

Information and Communication technologies.

▶ Our Departments.

OCAJ: Objectif Cameroon Legal Assistance.

OCDRA: Objectif Cameroon Development & Relief Agency.

OCIS: Objectif Cameroon I.T Solutions.

▶ Our Services.

OCSMS: Objectif Cameroon SMS Solutions.

N.D.C: NouvellesDuCameroun.info

Address: 452, Rue Joseph Essono Balla, B.P: Messa Yaoundé 2392

Phone: 2 42 17 54 18

E-mail: aoc@objectifcameroun.org

Website: http://www.objectifcameroun.org