Other projects

Outside of evangelism, I also use the technology to develop and deploy other projects.

▶ Objectif Cameroun (Just to say that our purpose or objective is Cameroon)
☼ Cameroonian association. "Our goal (Vision) is to contribute to a better Cameroon in all respects. In this perspective, we are firmly committed to working towards an emerging Cameroon having human being at the center of our concerns."
▶ Nouvelles Du Cameroun (News from Cameroon)
☼ Cameroonian's general informations website to give a "different perspective on news from Cameroon and the world."
▶ I Hear Say
☼ The gossip, the rumors of the neighborhood... I hear they say that... what do they say ? Tell us all the said and unsaid things around you! I hear say...
▶ On Dit Que (The french version of "I Hear Say")
☼ The gossips, the hear say, the rumors of the neighborhood ... It is said that we do not say that ... To tell all the said and unsaid things around!