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The challenge of evangelization is an urgent question. Every true Christian is at the service of the one who has designed and launched the most ambitious project of all time: "Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples…" Matthew 28v19a

our responsibility as Christian is too big for us to be indifferent; the command of our Lord is too clear for us to hesitate. Moreover, the love of Christ urges us. We must obey or give up to be called disciples.For a little more than 15 years, the Lord put on the heart of Emmanuel to use modern methods of communication to spread the Gospel, discipleship, prayer and reconciliation of Christians from Cameroon. In response to that call, he started in 2001 the first Christian web portal of Cameroon and one of the few in French-speaking Africa at that time. Today, his wife and he are full-time involved in online mission.The work of God has always been a cooperative effort between those who go (for mission) and those who send (in the mission field), because both are necessary to get the job done. 

We are already gone. Would you be of those sending us?

Here are some ways through which you could make a donation:

1° - In Cameroon, you make a free of charge deposit (in any Eco Bank branch) on our account with the references below:

Account name: TCHOMGOUO FEKOU Emmanuel Account number: 0100142620118901 Branch: Yaounde - Poste Centrale

2° - For international transfers:

Account name: TCHOMGOUO FEKOU Emmanuel Domiciliation: ECOBANK CAMEROUN, Yaounde - Poste Centrale branch

10029 26010 01420118901 82

Swift Code: ECOCCMCX IBAN: CM21 10029 26010 01420118901 82

3° - Make a money order (Western Union / Express Union / Express exchange / Emy Money / Melo / Money Gramm) to: TCHOMGOUO FEKOU Emmanuel - Yaoundé, Cameroun - Phone number 699 52 85 93

4° - Make an Orange Money to 699 52 85 93 or MTN Mobile Money to 679 71 69 77

5° - Click here to donate via PayPal or credit card.

6° – We are also inclined to meet you for any other donation in cash or in kind.

7° - Contact Us for any other concerns at emmanuel[at]

8° - Another way of supporting us would also be to subscribe to various services we deploy and operates. Kindly recommend them around you as well. Contact us to know more about it.

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You can make a one-time or a regular (monthly) donation. The monthly donations are most useful because they allow us to consider thinks in a long term and give us perspective in our management.