[PrayerSMS] is a text messaging based prayer movement for Cameroon. No mobilization, no manifestation. Each one receives a prayer alert directly on his/her cell phone to be lifted up to God in his intimacy. We have no other ambition other than to spiritually mobilize the Church of Cameroon (inside and outside) to stand at the gap before the Lord.

When in the early 2000s the Lord called Emmanuel Fékou to use modern methods of communication to spread the Gospel from Cameroon, the objectives were very quickly defined. These included:

♦ Spread: the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, so that according to the perfect will of God no man should perish but come to the knowledge of the truth (2 Peter 3v9), for it is when this good news Will be preached to the whole world, that the end will come (Matthew 24v14).

♦ Edify/Build-up: Christians by providing them with necessary resources for their spiritual growth.

♦ Gather and bring together: Cameroonian Christians throughout the world and different denominations in order to put them in contact with other Christians of the world in order to intercede for the unity of the body of Christ and the spiritual awakening in Cameroon.

♦ Make known to the rest of the world the Body of Christ in Cameroon.

For more than 10 years, we have prayed and reflected, asking the Lord to inspire us with the best way/strategy to enable us to fulfill these goals and to carry out/achieve our mission of seeing the Lord Jesus lifted up as a banner on our land.

At the outset, we believed that the Web and e-mail were the pre-eminent means to evangelize some, to build up others in their faith and Christian walk, to mobilize a large number of people to stand up for our nation. We quickly realized that this was not the case after nearly 10 years operation with the “Cameroonforjesus.net” web site for in our society, the number of those with a permanent access on Internet is very low. The best way to keep someone posted and being sure he/she will get the message on time is not the mail. There's a reason for that.

Over time, the Lord in His grace inspired us with the best methods to evangelize some, to build up others in their faith and Christian walk, to mobilize a great number to intercede for our nation. After having started with the web, we needed to seize the potentials of text messaging. That’s how we launched the BibleSms and PrayerSms services.

The Lord has inspired us with this text messaging prayer strategy (PrayerSms) during the last presidential election (2011), as we reflected on an effective way to mobilize the Church of Cameroon (inside and outside the country) in prayer for of the nation.

Following a mailing sent at that time to share the vision, more than 3,000 people worldwide registered and we sent prayer alerts every week for 6 months (August 2011 to January 2012). We have suspended the service from 2012 to 2014 due to technical and financial difficulties.


SMS are freely sent once a week (We preferred on Wednesday) and from 12Am to 11PM (Cameroon Time) to all those having subscribed to the service; they are sent with the “PrayerSMS” header.

Every Wednesday, our server sends out a prayer topic to a group of persons (group membership depends on the chosen prayer time).

The prayer topic is the same for each hour group will be the same, so we will send 24 prayer topics in French and English (depending of the chosen language).

The principle is that, upon receiving the prayer alerts, each one devote at least 1 minute (60 seconds) to raise it/ pray it to God.

You can notify us at any time you want to change the receiving hour and/or language. Simply mail us to sms@prayersms.com indicating your number, your old time slot and the desired new one.


We have no others ambitions than to mobilize the Church of Cameroon in prayer for the nation using text messaging having at least 100 intercessors for each hour slot which will make at least 2400 people praying on Wednesday for Cameroon.

This will be:

  • 24 prayer topics each week (96 per month) for Cameroon as the Spirit will lead us, according to current events and many others;
  • 2,400 people at least weekly, raising Cameroon before the Lord (about 10,000 a month);
  • In 52 weeks we will have 1,248 prayers topics raised to God by at least 124,800 people;
  • This makes 2080 hours of prayer for Cameroon in 52 weeks.
Let us imagine being able to do this prayer chain not just once a week, but every day of the week.

You can commit yourself to provide us with relevant prayer topics (in various domains) for the nation.

You can become a focal point of the service in your church, your city, your community, helping us to recruit intercessors and donors.

You can join our volunteers’ team to work on this project in a more practical way.

You can talk about this strategy around you.


We need volunteers and financial support to carry out this service and many more.