Hello, I'm Adeline, Emmanuel’s wife. I'm 35 years old!

▶ My First birth

I put my feet on this earth? What am I saying? I saw daylight on April 27 of the year 1981 in Monatélé (Lekié division, center region, Cameroon). I'm the eighth of a family of 12.

▶ My New birth

I became Christian (to say I acknowledge Jesus as my Lord and Saviour) at the age of 14 after an evangelistic campaign that took place on the campus’ secondary school I attended. I had answered the call of Christ in my heart and became a child of God. Since then, I have always walked with my Lord his grace being always available to support my faith and helping my unbelief. Read my conversion testimony.

▶ My call and my ministry

I have always had a special interest for music. I like and use to sing and I think that is my call and ministry in the church (beside the evangelism work I do with my husband).

▶ At the academic level

I am a holder of a master's degree in management.

▶ To conclude

I'm my husband’s first assistant, support and ministry partner in the work the Lord entrusted him. I am also a full-time mother taking care of our children.